Daniela Corte Fashion Show

Daniela Corte: Bringing Sexy Right Back

On the closing night of Boston Fashion Week, the Tent was heating up as Daniela Corte’s latest sultry Spring/Resort Collection was shown down the catwalk. Everything from the beautifully selected corals, tans, deep blues, and pops of patterns on up to the icy-hot platinum bobs seen on each of the models screamed, “Get me to Buenos Aires (or maybe just Miami) NOW!”

The collection featured a great variety of wearable women’s resort clothes — body hugging lines that played up the body’s curves beautifully, glam dresses in beautiful flower-filled patterns and bursts of corals, deep navy blues, white, and various shades of green. Then there were the button up blouses in natural tans and pale, and pale blues, all so damn hot they almost motivated me to get off my ass and start prepping for the 2012 resort season.


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Editor’s Model Party

The Tent shows took the night off on Wednesday, which meant the city’s best models finally caught a breather. And so to Forum Restaurant they descended, and took over the entire spacious top floor for Editor’s Model Night Party, hosted by Alexandra Hall. [Full disclosure: Hall is a contributor to this blog.]

The night’s mission? To celebrate the hard work of Boston’s fashion modeling industry, and to spotlight of our most promising models. They are: Erica Almeida, Danielle Fortin,
Kacy Emmet, Jade Perkins, Michelle McHugh, Rachelle Kiessling, Maria Tucker, Morgan Furber, and Emily Knudsen. Collectively, they’re of Maggie, Inc, Dynasty, and The Model Club.

Gorgeous as they already may be, the models were made yet more beautiful with the help of Joico, who did all hair at Maxime Salon in Hingham before the event (and even flew in rock-star stylist George Papanikolas from L.A. for the night), and the makeup wizards at Glow Skincare in Braintree.

Up-and-coming model Morgan Furber.

Star stylist George Papanikolas (center) with the crew from Maxime Salon and Joico.

Model extraordinaire Erica Almeida.

Model Emily Knudsen

Kelly Okeefe, Steve Sweeney, Alexandra Hall, and Lauren Tedeschi.

Model Jade Perkins

A Galvanizing Experience

I don’t even know where to begin. Marie Galvin’s Galvin-ized Headwear show was nothing short of incredible. And I’m not even a hat person.

And yet, now all I want to do is accessorize every outfit, even my pajamas, with her hats. Every look was a story in itself. The entire collection, paired with clothes expertly styled by Joseph Gordon Cleveland, was very Parisian chic with the perfect touch of edginess. The hats themselves had a level of attitude that gave even the chicest girl in the room a run for her money.

The collection had burst of feathers and pops of color interspersed between gothic, gate-inspired fascinators. The feathered hats were my personal favorite. They were like a woman’s own personal bird elegantly and perfectly perched. Every once in a while there would be a little surprise — like a black top hat gone way mad, or an unexpected ski-inspired number. 

Since my interview with Marie for her preview blog post, I have been anxiously anticipating her show. The collection went above and beyond my imagination and was very moving. Thank you, Marie, for turning me into a hat lover.

Maria Victoria: Tasteful 70s

Up-and-comer Maria Victoria’s collection was a late ’70s-inspired line of ready-wear items for the modern woman. As each look came down the runway I was instantly drawn to the deep forest greens, mustard yellow, and elegant black details. The whole collection was very complimentary, and I enjoyed the range of options she presented.

If I could only choose from this collection to fashion my wardrobe I would have a piece to choose from for each season. While I felt that I could wear almost every look to the office, minus the busty deep-v neck gowns, I loved the subtle elements that added a touch of sex appeal to every look. For example, the high-wasted mustard yellow pants that mimicked the maxi skirt paired with the silk blouse that elegantly showed off the shoulders was elegantly sultry. The blouse reminded me of the choker necklace trend filling up recent issues of Vogue and Elle. That top killed two birds with one stone! I also love when outfits look effortlessly sexy while keeping a little something for the imagination.

The whimsically messed up hairstyles such as the long braids down the back looked like tousled hair after a successful one-night stand. This, paired with the contemporary chic collection only added to the subtle sexiness.

Maria Victoria: a lesson in compliments

Victoria Dominguez Bagu took to the runway on Monday evening at 5pm showing a collection of ready to wear fit for the contemporary woman. I noticed Joe and Gin Freeman in attendance along with Lauren Antos and Jenn Baron of Lily & Migs (TENT designers showing the following evening) and Rosanna Ortiz Sinel of StyleWeek Providence. Guests from all over came to see the Maria Victoria’s show as it was titled with accessories by Magdalena Stokalska.

It appeared as though Victoria showed a mix of seasons with items ranging from shorts, jackets, a cape coat, trousers, and gowns. Blending mustard with blue, mixtures of warm sunny tones with cool, ocean shades seem to be on trend at The TENT this month.

Some of my favorite looks included a light yellow gown with beaded waist detail as well as one of her blue button up jackets; the jacket featured unique detail at the bicep to an otherwise traditional shape which was eye catching. Hints of a cool, emerald green were especially rich in one of the more fall geared pieces: a full gunmetal skirt with emerald stripe paired with the black mock tee.

Maria also featured culotte pants, a shape I have yet to accustom myself to. As seen on the runway at Fall 2011, Milly was among the designers to showcase the culotte, aimed at arousing the same effect as the a skirt (in Milly’s case, the midi) yet on my frame make me look like I am 10 years old and attempting to wear my mother’s Bermuda shorts. However, the shape of the culotte fit in with the collection and pulled in colors of the mustard and her signature floral print.

Magdalena Stokalska accessorized the show with signature metallic pieces from her collection. Tassel earrings were among my favorite in addition to a light seafoam stone bracelet which one of the model’s rocked on her right wrist.

Overall, the Maria Victoria show offered something for everyone and her use of blue and mustard color compliments shined.

Photos compliments of Todd Lee Photography

Mike&Ton Opening Night

Arriving to Mike&Ton, I walked to through the doors of the Mandarin Oriental with fashion friends of mine, Daniela Corte and Ricardo Rodriguez. As fellow clients of the tent, I was thrilled to see them partaking in opening evening festivities including fellow designer shows of Tonya Mezrich and Michael De Paulo.

The first Tent show of my week, I was unsure of what to expect. As I grazed through check in, I was able to skip past the step and repeat (humid days do nothing for long hair), pick up a vitamin water, and head into the tent. Equally as beautiful as it had been upon its construction it was amazing to see the hard work pay off for Jay Calderin, Lisa Baker, Terri Mahn, Dana Moscardelli, and many others.

After hearing from Tonya about her excitement and fears for today’s show, I was exceptionally enthusiastic for the evening’s affair. I arrived at my seat somehow flawlessly (thank you Boston for keeping it classy tonight) and waited for the show to begin. With the unseasonably warm tent weather, guests were feverishly fanning themselves, rabid anticipation of the evenings show— Mike&Ton would not disappoint.

The front row was filled with the usual prime suspects: Erica Corsano from Gilt City, Boston’s most notable socialite Marilyn Riseman, Bianca De La Garza, Lisa Pierpoint, Jonathan Soroff, the list goes on and on. The lights dimmed, the first Dynasty model stepped onto the catwalk, and the rest is history. Mike&Ton presented a lesson in spring color blocking, still apparently on trend, in addition to some of our favorite prints, shoulder detail, and back seam zippers which elicit the highest degree of seduction possible. Tonya’s husband Ben Mezrich looked on in awe and admiration as his wife’s and partner in crime Michael De Paulo’s collection took shape for it’s second season as the crowd stood for a standing applause.

Two items stood out, the first being a contemporary take on the famous color blocking scheme: a bold two toned skirt, one shade in the back, another in the front. Also breathtaking, who could forget the paprika and white angel gown that closed the show as the last model sashayed away and left us wanting more, way more.

Photos courtesy of Todd Lee Photography

Congratulations to Mike&Ton for trailblazing opening night and oohing and ahhing us with successful fashion show at The Tent for Boston Fashion Week.

Lessons Learned

Three rules proven by tonight’s shows from Mike & Ton:

1. The power of color blocking persists. A la pencil skirts split front and back with gorgeously contrasting hues.

2. By next spring, cobalt blue may well be front-and-center in a startling number of closets.

3. Above all, asymmetry will keep you balanced….

Tent designer Lauren Antos of Lily & Migs poses for a photo (right) wearing a classic Lily & Migs brocade skirt. Known for her edge, Lauren paired the skirt with some rock-and-roll leather to give her collection item her own twist.
Photo courtesy of Todd Lee Photography

Tent designer Lauren Antos of Lily & Migs poses for a photo (right) wearing a classic Lily & Migs brocade skirt. Known for her edge, Lauren paired the skirt with some rock-and-roll leather to give her collection item her own twist.

Photo courtesy of Todd Lee Photography